Field "Type" in table "VQ_Public_Search"

This value is the type of purchase being tendered.

The value is optional and may be omitted.
The format of the data is an alphanumeric string exactly 1 characters long.
Enter a value by selecting it from the list provided.
The text displayed as a hint for this field is "This value is the type of purchase being tendered.".

Procurement Shared Services (PSS) of the GNWTs department of Public Works and Services is now responsible for the procurement process for all GNWT departments and the Housing Corporation for goods and services, and responsible for the distribution and receipt of construction tenders for Public Work & Services, Transportation and the Housing Corporation.

If you are looking for Transportation or Housing Corporation or other GNWT Departments contract opportunities, they may be listed under Public Works and Services (PWS).

GNWT Contract Registry and Reporting System Version V1.11