Notice to Vendors

Effective on Monday, 2 November 2015, the GNWT has changed its online procurement system from the current website to a new interactive website in order to better serve vendors. By doing this, NWT is joining all other Canadian jurisdictions in providing enhanced online tools for procurement.

The new website allows vendors to download and bid on contracting opportunities online, as well as sign up for notifications of new contracting opportunities in business sectors of interest as they arise.

To learn more about the new system including its benefits and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), visit:


The Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) wants to ensure that any interested businesses are provided with a fair opportunity to compete on government contracts.

The GNWT Contract Registry, Reporting System provides an Historical central list of all tenders and proposals prior to 31 October 2015. It is open to the public and supports the Business Incentive Policy (BIP) by enhancing transparency in government contracting.

For current GNWT contract opportunities, visit: GNWT Contract Event Opportunities

To search for GNWT tenders & proposals prior to 31 October 2015, visit: GNWT Historical Public Tenders & Proposals

For other Government contract opportunites, visit: Canadian Public Sector Tender Notices

Information on government contract opportunities is provided as a public service. The GNWT is not responsible for any errors or omissions in the information provided, and are not liable for losses or damages of any kind which may arise as a result of the use or reliance on any information provided.

For further assistance visit:

Procurement Shared Services (PSS) of the GNWTs department of Public Works and Services is now responsible for the procurement process for all GNWT departments and the Housing Corporation for goods and services, and responsible for the distribution and receipt of construction tenders for Public Work & Services, Transportation and the Housing Corporation.

If you are looking for Transportation or Housing Corporation or other GNWT Departments contract opportunities, they may be listed under Public Works and Services (PWS).

GNWT Contract Registry and Reporting System Version V1.11